FloTime licenses a platform technology of reusable, reverse fluid flow, color changing indicators and timers that are small, ultra low-cost, battery-free and environmentally friendly. When integrated with consumer products packaging, FloTime greatly improves a consumer's experience with any brand that requires a timed event between or during use.

A few of the many products that would benefit from FloTime are: Toothpaste tubes to indicate the recommended two-minute brushing time; pill bottles to indicate elapsed time since the last pill was taken as a way to avoid double dosages; and hair care products to indicate elapsed soak times.

FloTime's technology is covered by two broad patents: U.S. Patent No. 7,963,692 and U.S. Patent No. 8,262,282. Several applications of the technology are currently under development in partnerships with leading consumer products and pharmaceutical companies around the world.

FloTime, LLC is an angel-backed start-up based in Austin, Texas. The company is a graduate company of the Research Valley Innovation Center (RVIC) in College Station, Texas. The RVIC is a science and technology incubator/accelerator formed to help early-stage ventures transition into successful businesses.

Survey Results

Consumers think a battery-free timer embedded in a product's packaging is a highly desirable feature. In a recent survey of women, ~75% thought that a timer integrated with a product's package would be helpful in product categories such as Hair Care, Oral Care and Pharma.

And, nearly 2 out of 3 of those same women said they would likely pay more for the same product if it had a timer built-in to the package!